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Tips after your dog returns home from boarding

March 08, 2019

Things may be a little different when your dog first comes home from a stay at the kennel. This doesn't mean that there is necessarily anything to worry about.

More often than not these changes are simply temporary while your dog adjusts to being back home with you and settling back into his or her normal routine.

To help you both get back to your regularly scheduled programming as quickly as possible, here are some tips for after your dog returns home from boarding in Juno Beach, FL.

Get back into your usual routine as quickly as possible

Dogs benefit from routine and familiarity since knowing what to expect helps them to feel more secure. In turn, this can eliminate unwanted behaviors when she first comes home, such as overt clinginess, urinating and even scratching or chewing. Don't make a big fuss about your time apart, just slip back into your usual times for walking her, feeding her and any other activities that you share.

Don't worry if she eats more than normal

Rest assured, your dog will be fed the foods agreed upon when you signed the contract for boarding. However, dogs tend not to eat as much as usual when they are in kennels, something which is a typical response to a big change in the environment that they are used to. This is rarely anything to worry about and instead you can expect your pooch to catch up on her food when she gets home.

Give her plenty of space to rest to recuperate

A great kennel or boarding facility will be dedicated to keeping your dog busy so that she isn't focused on being apart from you. This will mean that she will be getting plenty of physical exercise as well as mental stimulation in the form of playtimes. Chances are, she is going to come home pretty worn out! It's definitely not unusual for a dog to come home from boarding more tired than normal. Keep an eye on her and you will quickly find that she is back to her normal self. If you have any concerns about her being lethargic, don't hesitate to speak to your vet in Juno Beach, FL.

Monitor her bowel movements

As unpleasant as it is, a little diarrhea after boarding isn't usually a cause for concern. This tends to occur as a result of gut inflammation caused by over-excitement at being reunited with you and your family and will typically settle down in a few days. You may even notice a little blood or mucus in her stools. However, if she has diarrhea and isn't drinking and/or has other worrying symptoms, you should arrange for her to be seen by your vet immediately in case there is an underlying cause. Similarly, if the diarrhea persists for more than a day or two, contact your veterinarians in Juno Beach, FL to schedule a check-up.

You know your dog better than anyone else and if you suspect that something isn't quite right, we strongly recommend that you speak to your boarding service and see if they had any concerns, or seek the advice and support of a caring and experienced veterinarian in Juno Beach, FL. We are dedicated to ensuring that all animals who board with Juno Beach Animal Hospital are taken care of as is they were only own precious furbabies. To schedule an appointment with our veterinarians or to find out more about our boarding facility, please call our animal hospital in Juno Beach, FL at 561-331-6200 today.