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Why Do We Recommend Early Detection Tests?

July 17, 2018

Pets can't say how they feel - it's usually how they look or act that tells you something is wrong.

You play a key role in helping your pet combat illness and stay as healthy as possible.

Our Early Detection Testing provides information about your pet's liver, kidneys & pancreas, blood sugar levels, white & red blood cell and platelet count and so much more.

Why do we recommend annual preventative testing?

  • One in 10 dogs develop diabetes
  • Overweight cats have a greater chance of developing diabetes
  • Kidney disease occurs in 1 in every 10 dogs and 1 in every 3 cats
  • The 5th leading cause of death in dogs is liver disease

ANNUAL testing allows us to determine what is normal for your pet. Trending results over time allows us to diagnose problems as we notice changes in your pet. Advanced disease is associated with more complications and it can make treatment harder and more expensive.

See below to read more about why your pet needs early detection bloodwork testing.