Juno Beach Animal Hospital

12834 US Highway 1
Juno Beach, FL 33408



Juno Beach Animal Hospital now offers laser therapy. Laser therapy is surgery free, drug free and non-invasive. It helps reduce pain and inflammation, as well as, accelerating speed of healing.

How It Works

Our laser is a class IV deep tissue laser. It works by penetrating deep into the tissue, without causing any damage. The energy it emits, triggers a biological response called "photo-bio-modulation." This occurs on a cellular level reducing pain, inflammation and increasing the speed of recovery and circulation. The laser light is delivered through a hand piece, treating the affected area. There is no pain involved, only a mild and soothing warmth. Depending on the area and condition being treated, some treatments only take minutes. Cost is also dependant on the condition and area.

Some conditions currently being treated with laser therapy: