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Prescription Policies

We at Juno Beach Animal Hospital take every possible step to ensure that our patients receive the best pharmaceutical products available.  Veterinarians are required by law to have a valid client/patient relationship in order to prescribe any medications.   As a service to our clients, if you prefer having medications delivered to your house, we offer mailing for a nominal fee.

There are several catalogue/online sources available now.  There is some information we like for you to be aware of regarding these companies.  All major manufacturers of veterinary specific products are sold through licensed veterinarians only.  These online companies cannot obtain these products directly from the manufacturer.  Most of these products are obtained through non-approved channels.  The manufacturer's guarantees are not valid if the product if purchased through non-approved channels.  The only approved online pharmacy we recommend is "ProxyRx" through your pets personal "PetSites".  You can access the "PetSites" on this web site by click on the "PetSites" box on the bottom of the 'welcome page'.  From this "PetSites" you can view your pet's vaccination and medical history and order supplies.  Purchasing products through ProxyRx guarantees that you are not getting counterfeit products and helps support our hospital. 

If you prefer to purchase your products at catalogue/online sources we will gladly write prescriptions according to the following guidelines.

* To avoid doctor-patient confidentiality issues, we will not communicate with these companies in any manner.  The prescription will only be given to you and you may submit it as you wish.



Please don't hesitate to call us with any questions.